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Monday, 4 November 2019

How Fluoride (a Toxin) Got in Our Water, and Iodine (a Critical Nutrient) Disappeared from Medical School Textbooks

[Humans are Free]: Unbeknown to most, our major source of dietary iodine was removed from salt and flour in the 1970’s. Even today — most people think they get enough dietary iodine in salt and bread. Check the label on that bag of flour in your pantry. It most likely contains another poisonous Halogen—bromine.

Why would our “protective” government agencies remove a critical element like iodine and replace it with a toxic fire retardant like bromine? Why would they allow it to be consumed in products like Mountain Dew? Why would they allow it to off gas in infants clothing, mattresses, furniture upholstery, carpets, etc.?

Here is the problem with fluorine, bromine, and chlorine — these highly toxic halogens from the periodic table displace iodine.

When we inhale or ingest them — they compete with iodine at the receptors, displace it, and then sequester themselves in the tissues, disrupt our endocrine system and often lodge in the brain.

While iodine raises IQ, the other three lower it. Documented studies of fluoride also show increased risk of bone cancer, osteoporosis, hip fractures, Down’s syndrome and damage to our pineal gland...<<<Read The Full Article Here>>>...

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