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Wednesday, 6 January 2010

The Dangers of the Ouija Board

One of the easiest and quickest ways to receive communication is through an ouija board, factory or home made, there is no difference, they are all equally dangerous and no amount of psychic protection can protect you from the dangers associated with this type of communication.

Do they work? Absolutely. How? Whether using a planchette or a glass, the participants are focusing their energies onto a very small space. They are giving power to these tools. It is this power and the open invitation for anyone to communicate that opens doorways. The difficulty is once these doorways are opened you cannot always close them and the experience can last long after the game has ended. A planchette or glass is like a shining beacon; unfortunately the communicators they usually attract are the occupants of the astral world. This is plane where entities reside who have departed from this world, but not transcended to the other world. It is also where entities or beasts not of this world live. If you are lucky a loved one or guide will come through, but most people are unlucky. It is also nearly impossible to tell the difference between someone of the light and someone pretending to be.

Why? Because the game removes the safety features associated with spiritual communication. When a Medium/Clairvoyant communicates they do so through their own energy field, so they can feel and sense the link. With or without protection they will know immediately if the link is of the light or merely feigning to be. But if they were using a glass or a planchette they lose the closeness of the connection and their ability to be able sense the energy of the communicator.

Participants of the game have given away their right to be protected from the dwellers of the lower planes. They have invited them. Once they are here they have no intentions of going back. So long after the fun has gone they can live on, in the space where the activity took place. With the added advantage of being invisible they can wreak havoc in peoples’ lives, by creating fear, anger and dis-harmony. For those foolhardy enough to try out this type of communication the affects can be disastrous. (Source:

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