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Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Just For Fun - Name That Song #9

... and here is another 'Just For Fun - Name That Song'. How's it being going so far? Here is another, in the same vein as the last few. Extracts from three songs by the same artist ... put together in a silly rhyme. Your job is to identify the artist and the three songs ...

But remember, it is just for fun. There's no need to e-mail us with the answer (Several folk have and we always pleased to hear from people) as there is no prize for getting it right ...

Here goes ... Just for fun, name that song ....

I will light the way for us to find
Order of a new kind
And together build another way to the morning?
Will it ever come again?
Poets line in a rhyme of silence
Gathered from the winter air
A dog on a treadmill panting,

the master pulls the leash, laughing.
And what of the children?

What has this done to them?
Join us on the stay the road is mine

Dig down deep to find the man I thought I was.