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Saturday, 15 August 2015

'Diana in a crash? They must have greased the brakes': New book reveals the Queen's astonishing words that lay bare her troubled relationship with the woman her son called 'mad, mad, mad'

Daily Mail: That astonishing remark reveals something of the extraordinary and complex relationship between her and Diana — a relationship brought into sharp relief this week with the publication of never-before-seen photographs of Diana’s wedding day. Taken behind the scenes at Buckingham Palace, they show Diana and the Queen walking side by side down a corridor in the aftermath of the ceremony.

Yet despite the joyous occasion, there is little evident warmth between the two women or even a flicker of happiness on either face — a glimpse, perhaps, of their underlying anxieties and the great emotional gulf between two such differing personalities. So what did the Queen truly make of her daughter-in-law? The answer, I discovered while researching an in-depth new biography of our monarch, is utterly more>>>..