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Thursday, 17 December 2015

This Is Only The Beginning

Things have been different on this 'planet' for quite a while. But more noticeably so in the last few months. Its becoming more obvious to both the sensitive and the insensitive. No longer is it a mystical experience that only the empath would feel. For many years, the type of change being explained here, was unavailable to the 'uninitiated'. It was once a fanciful expression, this 'enlightenment' or this 'time of awakening'. Until now. 2012 came and went with no apparent change. 2013 came and went. 2014 with no enlightenment only apparent increased acts of violence and unrest.

2015 began and about half way through the year it all began to start. An intense time of emotional upheaval coming out of the blue. Leaving those that experience it a sense that life is no longer the same. An experience which isn't seen ... but is most certainly felt.

It is nu-nerving and unsettling. Its resultant sensitivity divides and separates people who were seemingly at one stage inseparable. Until now. If you've experienced this, then you know exactly what is being described. And this is only the beginning. This powerful shift is only going to get stronger and stronger. The awakening has now most surely begun.

And for those who've spent their lives to this point preparing, life is no longer the same. All that was theory and fable, there in the back of their minds, is now ever so real. More real that manifest life around them ...   Matthew James