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Thursday, 31 December 2015

Is this the toughest 'find the panda' challenge yet? Now a woman's vintage school PHOTO has the web competing to see how fast they can find the stuffed bear

Daily Mail: It's panda-monium! Puzzle-lovers have been left bamboo-zled by the latest head-scratching challenge involving the fluffy black and white bear. Inspired by the illustrations of Hungarian artist Gergely Dudás (also known as Dudolf) who asked gamers to 'find the panda' amongst a flurry of snowmen, Tracy Lynn Heightchew decided to hide the animal in an old school photograph. Ms Heightchew, from Louisville, Kentucky, posted her real-life version on Facebook using the image she found in a thrift shop many years ago. It has been shared hundreds of times since it was uploaded on December more>>>...