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Saturday, 3 June 2017

Time The Great Healer

It's always difficult leaving a place behind. Especially where its somewhere you've spent numerous years at, and you have so many happy memories attached to the place.

You will feel quite sad for sometime. There is a period of adjustment as you strive to leave your past behind you. If you have taken many photographs, and have plenty of memorabilia, of the place you have left behind this can both help and hinder the adjustment period. At first it may be too painful to look at the photographs, as fresh memories of the place will come to mind; thoughts that you last had consciously when you were there will surface, and because thoughts don't adhere to conscious time, you may get the strange feeling of having just been at the place when 'you thought that thought'. Eventually, however, you will find that it won't be as painful to look at the photographs, and they will become a comfort to you. Slowly, new memories in your new place, or home, will replace the old thoughts, and the great healer known as time will have helped you.

You will have fond memories and a set of photographs to help you remember a former home when the memories start to fade, as they do.