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Tuesday, 8 May 2018

An Ego In Self Preservation Mode Part 1

Every human being has hang ups, imperfections, failings; weaknesses ... things that are unique to our make up that we keep locked away deep inside. However, its only when you truly begin the awakening process that these bits of flotsam and jetsam really come to the surface; and have to be dealt with.

This is really what the spiritual path is all about. Its not the flossy glossy banners that the show pony arena has so many versions of.

A truly awakening spirit goes through hell and back as they have to discover and remember all those parts of their make up they have tried their best to hide.

Sadly, the awakening spirit will be at their most vulnerable during this realisation period. And, more often than not, the spirit will choose to disembark from the awakening process because the emotional pain becomes too much. The identification of self in the mirror of self created by people around them, is more often than not attributed to self ridicule as they will be sneered at by peers and family alike. For it is hard to understand the person who is going through the process, unless you've gone through the process yourself. There are none worse than the ego driven show ponies for injuring an awakening soul. The ego identifies with a process where it might be destroyed, so it impresses on the soul, that it controls, to bully and taunt the awakening spirit ... so it ensures the human being it controls is never likely to go through its own awakening process. This bullying is best described as an ego going into self preservation mode. ....