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Saturday, 5 May 2018

Changing Thought Forms to Change Our Reality

Be wary, your thoughts really do shape your reality. By forcibly changing your patterns of thinking, you will effectively change your reality. 

We've discussed this concept many times over the years ... but it goes a little like this ... the reality around us is composed of 'thought form energy' meaning for something to be manifest, or created into being, it first has to be a thought.

The car, the pen, the phone, the computer ... all were invented. Invention is a simple process that an item first starts as a thought in someone's mind, then it is changed into sketches or blueprint drawings, from which it can then be built .... that is the manifestation process in its simplest format. However, we are inventing things that are being manifested all the time. What you experience in your life at this moment, is the manifestation of your thoughts maybe six to twelve months ago. The timing is approximate, but the principle is accurate.

Those people who have the misfortune of experiencing the same thing over and over again have somehow the same thought processes ruling their manifestation process. Its a vicious circle, and a difficult cycle to break. But we know from personal experience that it takes a real conscious effort, and a real understanding of your own thoughts and perceptions in order to grasp the cycle of thinking, in order to break it.

Behind our thoughts, and very much the ruler of our thoughts, are the perceptions that our subconscious mind uses to shape how we comprehend the world around us. This is where the thought process really begins, as it is our perceptions that shape the reality we find ourselves in. We have to also comprehend what generates these perceptions, in order to manifest a different reality for ourselves.

By adjusting our perceptions of the world around us, and the situations we find ourselves in, we effectively remould our thoughts and our thought processes. We can then send forth a different pattern of thought forms into this manifest world, which will create a different reality for us. Obviously, there are certain aspects of reality we can't change ... that being the main frame thought forms that hold the manifest world together that we all share ..... changing our thought forms to change our reality will only change what we experience in our own life on a daily/monthly/yearly basis ....