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Friday, 11 May 2018

Daath - The Sephira That Is Not A Sephira

Daath is known as The Gate Of The Abyss
Daath is not located on The Tree Of Life. As a result it is given the title 'The Sephira that is not a Sephira'. It is usually not ascribed a number. There are no planes equivalent to it. Even though it is located in the middle of The Abyss, above Tipareth and below Kether, it has in fact no position in terms of the other sephiroth.

In terms of a two dimensional representation of a three dimensional existence, it can be said that Daath represents at one and the same time no dimensions and all dimensions.

Daath means 'knowledge' - the knowledge without the understanding (that of Binah).

Daath, The Gate Of The Abyss, occupies the empty space in the centre of the hexagon of Sephiroth which comprise the upper half of the Tree Of Life. It has been the subject of endless confusion in the magical circles of the last two hundred years, for it fits into the scheme of the tree awkwardly at best. It is neither a Sephira; an aspect of a Sephira; nor a combination of Sephiroth - though it functions as each of these in some contexts.

Perhaps the best way to perceive Daath is as an ‘interface’; in fact the primary interface of the Tree Of Life as it serves as a meeting point for most of the Tree’s principal powers. It links the Supernals with the Sephiroth below the Abyss - which is central to its meaning. More directly, it also links Kether with Tipareth.

Daath serves as a representative of Kether beneath the Abyss - to such an extent that when speaking of Kether, a Cabalist, refers to Kether’s reflection in Daath; which can become an obstacle in higher levels of work. ‘When Daath is, Kether is not; when Kether is, Daath is not’.

Daath also functions as a higher aspect of Tipareth as it is suggested by the presence of Daath’s title in the Name Of God governing the 6th Sephira.

Daath also links Chokmah with Binah, which is the role which is the source of Daath’s title - in the Hebrew language this is ‘knowledge’, as a term for sexual contact and the union of Chokmah and Binah - Abba the father and Aima the Mother - the sexual encounter from which, in mystic terms, the universe is born.

Daath thus defines the Middle Pillar - which might well be named the ‘Pillar Of Knowledge’, and its role as interface is shared to some extent with all the Sephiroth of that pillar.

But an interface is a boundary as well as a meeting ground; like a gate which may be opened or closed - an important symbol of Daath - it both permits and prevents passage. This is an important facet of the nature of Daath, for the conscious self questing up the Tree Of Life in search of the experience of truth Daath is an impenetrable barrier. For the polarities which meet within it, Daath is the limit at which each gives way to its opposite. Daath thus relates to the Abyss as much as to the Middle Pillar; it is the intersection between these two; the point at which unity and separation merge - and divide....Read More>>>...