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Wednesday, 9 May 2018

For The Rest Of Their Lives

It goes without saying, that when dealing with the lives, the actions, and the perceptions of 'troubled spirits' it is ESSENTIAL that you take RESPONSIBILITY for what you are saying to these people ...

We've said, so many times before, that you are responsible for that soul 'for the rest of their life' and the rest of your life too. It's very true. No matter how seemingly insignificant something is that you say to an individual .... you are actually influencing, and thus changing their life path.

So many show ponies refuse to accept this basic truth, and basic 'law' of working as a responsible spiritual counsellor (Psychic Medium, Tarot Reader etc). It is the 2nd rule and principle after the first law which is 'CONTROL THE EGO' ... another stumbling block that so many of the show ponies fail to grasp or are able to climb over.

If these two basic understandings, and unwritten laws of engagement, are NOT accomplished then show ponies must not, and should not, put themselves in positions where very vulnerable people are seeking them for advice on their lives.

It is deplorable that so many of these show ponies claim to have been professionals for decades, quarter centuries etc ... it means that if they have been acting with lack of responsibility with what they have been saying to clients for all that time ... then what a real mess they have been creating in people's lives! That's all we can say.

Having overheard, and witnessed, the standard of many of these show ponies out there, it is a sorry state of affairs out there. They care not what they say to these 'troubled spirits' or how these vulnerable people live their lives after the show pony's shocking consultation ... so long as they have earned money. And that is what it seemingly is all about ... ego strutting and filling their bank account with unscrupulously earned money!

All that irresponsibility by an uncontrolled ego will catch up with them in the end ..... 100%