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Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Light Of Truth Oracle #22 - "Jealousy"

Light Of Truth Oracle #22 - "Jealousy"
Copyright Matthew James 2012 & 2017
Insight Meaning: “Often others see in us something they are not, but they wish to be. Their ego creates a false self … a perfect replica of all that the ego wishes the person to be. Sadly, the person fails to pierce the veil of falsehood created by the ego. They do not realise that what they see in others is themselves. As a result, those in the firing line feel the jealousy directed towards them”

Glyph Affirmation: ”Remain firm under the scrutiny of the eyes of the false self. They see what they are not in you. The gaze will
soon pass‟

Tarot Image: 5 of Wands

Magick Glyph: “False Self”

Kabbalah: Geburah