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Friday, 11 May 2018

Spirit-Awareness Is Not An Easy Experience

Spirit-Awareness Is Not An Easy Experience
It's very difficult to be spirit-aware and live a normal life. It's the closest to be bi-polar, without actually being bi-polar. There is a dual awareness and a dual script ... as it is impossible, from experience, to totally integrate the Spirit Awareness at the expense of the soul-awareness or 'false self'.

A total Spirit Awareness and you would find it impossible to relate to the world around you. The soul-awareness is needed for identity, acceptance and understanding of the scene around, pretty much like a tour guide in a foreign city.

The aspirations, excitements and primitive instincts of the soul-awareness have to be tolerated by the Spirit Awareness, and somehow accepted by the superior intelligence. The resultant emotions of the human body can be complete extremes from euphoria to utter depression. Indeed the Spirit Awareness often find the human experience intolerable when its anywhere from 70% integrated into a daily routine. The result is that the mind awareness is that of depression and sorrow.

Life is tedious and irrelevant from the Spirit Awareness, but exciting and fulfilling from the soul-awareness which is very much the pupil and the student of life on the earth plane. It refuses to accept he myth that this is a fake or virtual reality. It is not within the hive awareness of the soul-awareness that this world is anything but the real deal. The Spirit Awareness, on the other hand, brings into conscious thinking the real concepts and understandings of the earth plane.

It is from these that the soul-awareness is meant to learn and grow; is meant to attempt to amalgamate its vibration with that of the Spirit Awareness and ascend into infinite consciousness. Hence the sensation of being bi-polar! There are two totally different types of awareness experiencing the earth plane through the vehicle of one physical body!!.