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Friday, 11 May 2018

To Save the World, Get Your Shit Together

To Save the World, Get Your Shit Together
Waking Times: Believing is seeing. That’s why you need to get your shit together.

People build themselves mental cages from a young age (even starting in the womb) and perceive the world and people’s actions through the bars of their own idiosyncratic perceptual cage.

That “cage” could be anything from limiting beliefs such as “life isn’t meant to be easy,” or, “better the devil you know.” What looks “dangerous” to one man could simply be intelligent opportunism to another. One man’s “wacky conspiracy theory” is another man’s logical conclusion based on diligent research. Perception is relative. Maybe you weren’t born in a cage. Maybe you just built one for yourself over time.

“Seeing” is a tricky thing, and people are notoriously good at deceiving themselves. What we perceive as external to us is really our own neurology at work. We are basically blind to reality as it is, and instead interact with our very rough and distorted mental more>>>...