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Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Wavelengths of Thought

There's actually no wrong way' or any right way; or any way at all. It's whatever your perceptions drive you to believing into manifestation. Belief systems are bundles of thought forms that mill about on the wavelengths that either match, or don't match our own thought frequencies.

We are vibration; everything is vibration ... and like attracts like or repels unlike. its as simple as that. So why complicate it with complex and rambling explanations and 'books of meanings'?

It's all illusion any way. Its all a fable within a virtual reality ... we think it into being real. Then we believe it is real with blind faith ... and when enough of us think the same, or are attracted by the same, we feel safety in numbers. We believe that if so many believe in it. it is real ... sadly, just because millions believe in the same thing, doesn't make it real, or right. That is the power of a belief system. Meanwhile. those that don't broadcast their own way of thinking, are maybe assessing the truth being this unreality. Except they don't let anyone know.

It's good to adopt your own unique paradigm, based on your own perceptions and our own unique take on this so called life. Untainted by others ... in its purest form, a unique wavelength of thoughts ... no more wrong, or right, than the more popular ideas that are out there. Yet, its potency might lead the explorer straight to the top of the mountain, unlike the more popular paradigms that only lead the followers round in circles. It really is the best way ,,, to think for oneself.