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Thursday, 21 June 2018

The Rune Hagalaz

The Rune Hagalaz (Hagal) literally means 'hail stone' and it is the rune of radical change, and necessary delay to enable these changes to take place.

As hailstones, water exists in one form, and over time hailstones melt to return back to the fluid state of untethered water. This is the process associated with Hagalaz. Life is one form (Hailstones) and needs to be transmuted, through radical change into a different form (Water) ...

Change is a natural process, and a necessity for life on the earth plane. Hagalaz acknowledges this process. Change can be for the good, the bad, the positive and for the negative. It can lead to success or defeat. To a new home or homelessness; a new job or redundancy. But, seeing the big picture with this, Hagalaz merely symbolises the process that gets life from one stepping stone, through a process to the final stepping stone.

Hagalaz signifies a major shift in energies.

"Hail shocks you with stinging hardness (confrontation) then it melts into water which creates germination of seeds (transformation). The ancients describe hail as a grain rather than as ice, thus creating a metaphor for a deeper truth of life. It contains the seed of all the other runic energies and this can be seen in its other form, a six-fold snowflake. Spiritual awakening often comes from times of deep crisis." (Rune Secrets)