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Saturday, 30 June 2018

Just For Fun - England Vs Columbia

Well here we are again. We're doing it early. The World Cup 2018 round of 16 England Vs Columbia. There were no clues whatsoever last time around for the England Vs Belgium game, but we did say England would finish 2nd in their group.

Here we have no clear indications of the outcome between England and Columbia. Plenty of zeros and plenty of suggestions of penalties. Surely not? 5 v 6? Not a score line but a score after penalties?

The card symbology gives nothing away. Its a very hard result to even sense a result on from this imagery. Adding the gematria numbers .... 5-0-6, 0-6-0 and 6-6-0 we arrive at 11-12-6 which broken down to lowest numbers is 2-3-6 which goes back to the 5-6 and penalties again!

At this point it appears England are going out of the World Cup at the hands of Columbia according to this symbology.