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Saturday, 23 June 2018

Awakening - UFO & Conscious Life Expo - Manchester UK

Well we are pretty much ready for a full on day tomorrow attending the AWAKENING UFO & CONSCIOUS LIFE EXPO in Manchester, UK.

It's a perfect opportunity to catch up with some old friends from 25 years ago ... they are not aware we will be attending the expo, so it will be a pleasant surprise, as they think we are still down under!

Last time we met up (Briefly) with one of our old friends, who is one of the headliners at the expo, was in Sydney, Australia, back in 2009 when we attended one of his talks, and got chance to catch up at the end of the evening.We'd worked extensively with him back in the mid 90's attending and organising workshops and events. 

Tomorrow is going to be amazing for sure! We'll be reporting back here on A Light In The Darkness later in the week so watch this space.  There is an extensive list of top names who will be undertaking talks throughout the day, plus there will be numerous stalls to visit between talks. We can't wait!