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Saturday, 23 June 2018

Just For Fun - England Vs Panama

Here we go again. World Cup Group G England Vs Panama on Sunday 24th June 2018. We got it right with the 1 v 2 result - Tunisia 1 v 2 England in our last 'Just For Fun' prediction! So let's have a crack at this crunch game for England. A win would put them through to the last 16. From the gematria numbers along the bottom of each card, we get the following possible results:

England 2 v 0 Panama;
England 4 v 0 Panama;
England 0 v 0 Panama;
England 0 v 1 Panama;
England 6 v 1 Panama

We also have left over number 8. Let us fathom the 'puzzle out'.

The Soul is card #2 in the Light of Truth Oracle and has the insight meaning "At the heart of every experience; every decision; every vision you experience on this manifest plane is me. I am your truth; your inspiration . When you have that need look within for the inspiration you seek. I am that quiet voice. I am that silence. I am that wondrous spark of divine creation. Remember I hold all the answers that you seek."

Sacred Space is card #8 and has the insight meaning "At any time you hold the energy of considerable power. Spend a moment contemplating aligning and balancing your thoughts. In this place you are able to think clearly and discern clearly the choice of path that lies before you. Potential spiritual energy awaits fusion with your will to create a new sense of inner peace and calm."

Karmic Return is card #38 and has the insight meaning "You as a spark of consciousness are in constant motion, no matter what is unfolding on the physical plane. At this time you need to learn to
recognise & determine the patterns of life that are repeating themselves around you. Learn if you have the power of choice to change the direction, or if you are currently being taken in a direction without any choice.

Sacred Space suggests 0 v 0 with England being on 4pts after two games. Karmic Return suggest 6pts for England after a 1 v 0 victory. The Soul suggests a 2 v 0 victory with a reference to '8' which doesn't make sense. Unless it makes reference to perhaps the 8th, 18th, 28th, 38th, 48th, 58th, 68th ,78th ,80th or 88th minute of the game for something significant to happen? Lets go for the 8th minute and perhaps the 40th minute??? This is 'Just For Fun' ...

Our instinct suggests a 2 v 0 victory for England .....

Karmic Return had it right with its 6-0-1 .... England 6 v 1 Panama! Its ok to say after the event! Plus the 8 refered to an 8 minute goal. Stones scored on 8th and 40th minutes (Sacred Space shows two stones and 40 which was Stones's 2nd goal.