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Sunday, 24 June 2018

Awakening - Our Experiences

Yesterday was a blast! A fantastic event. We caught up with friends old and new. We say through a number of very interesting talks  including 'doorways to the underworld'; photographs of buildings on Mars; declassified UFO's; truth vibrations. 

There were numerous well known speakers attending this event, but we chose to listen to Barry Fitzpatrick (Ghost Hunters International); Nick Pope (Ex MOD); Erich Von Daniken and DAVID ICKE.

It was thoroughly worth the wait at 9am for the doors to open, and registration. The event was well attended, but stalls and exhibitors were slightly sparse in our opinion. Food was definitely lacking. There was in house catering, and one 'Greasy Joes' van outside ... but choice was disappointing.

We were able to catch up with Neil Hague; a good friend of ours from 25 years ago who we've kept in contact with over the years via Social Media. He is the creator of the awesome artwork that is featured in David Icke's books. Sadly, we were no able to catch up with the great man himself - David Icke had to leave early immediately after his incredible talk.

Barry Fitzpatrick was a very interesting and accommodating person to talk to throughout the day. We had plenty of opportunity to share experiences with him, and discuss theories. In the coming weeks we will be sending him a number of interesting EVP's we'd recorded at Monte Cristo in Junee, NSW, Australia. It will be interesting to get some feedback on those recordings.

Nick Pope was his usual self. Not forthcoming in revealing any information on the UFO files he'd been dealing with in the UK M.O.D. He kept stressing he'd signed the official secrets act, yet the very files he was not willing to talk, about regarding their content, are files he then revealed had been declassified by the British Government; and are now available online to be viewed. A contradiction in our view!! Nick Pope should therefore be able to discuss them publically. We felt Nick Pope gets his fame by not revealing anything. The minute he reveals what he knows his fame is lost!

Erich Von Daniken was interesting. He discussed ancient artefacts and structures amongst other things. Then dedicated a whole section to the Book Of Enoch and also Ezekiel's space ship .... including a simulation of what that craft would have looked like. Then mentioned in passing that The Elite (Rothchilds etc) had seemingly constructed the very craft based on what was mentioned by Ezekiel! We found that very interesting! There were then photographs of Mars clearly showing structures on Mars that could only have been constructed by an intelligent force.

Overall, yesterday was stimulating and thought provoking. We may well be attending next year with our own stall. Watch this space!