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Friday, 29 June 2018

Virgin Media - Still Bad!

Virgin Media Broadband has been abysmally slow over the last few days - hence the reason why the number of points have been drastically reduced. We've just not been able to even load a web browser page, its been that bad.

Hopefully, tonight will prove to be an exception to the rule - so far so good. Its all loading up ok at the moment. But that could soon change so easily and so suddenly. It seems that the broadband has been over subscribed and what we get as the reasonable service is shared with others. So when we go slow its because someone else has our band width, and when we go fast they are experiencing a slow service. Its bad news really. It certainly warrants this negative publicity ... we once endeavoured with an internet service at an Internet Cafe in Doha, Qatar ... it was painfully slow. We have to say that Virgin Media has been as bad as that ... slower than an old dial up modem. New Zealand, Australia and our first UK AOL dial up account in 2001, are all faster than when Virgin Media is slow. Its chronic and can only be rectified in around a year's time when our contract finishes.

We also have another gripe with Virgin Media; we can't use the 5G connection .... which is the faster one for close location to the router. The reason being - an illegal router somewhere in our street that blocks the signal. Can we get it sorted? Na ... no chance. We should therefore get our rental cost reduced ... so we only pay for the bog standard 2G .... which is for connections further away from the router. Our connection is on the 1st floor .... and that is the problem. We find Virgin Media 2G is ok for machines on the ground floor of the house, but anywhere else it is poor to bad. Why should we relocate our office to downstairs (We can't anyway) to accommodate Virgin Media? When their service advertising states its good all over the house?