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Wednesday, 20 June 2018

The Rune Nauhiz

The Rune Nauthiz (Nyd) literally refers to FIRE and the act of rubbing two sticks together to create fire.

It represents the process of transforming human suffering into success and achievement.

Closely related to The Norn Sisters, Nauhiz indicates the journey through life and the experiences to have. Starting from the bottom rung of the ladder, and the ability through transmutation of energies working the way up the rungs to a higher level. Having the ability to recognise the need and the action to take to create that need.

Nauhiz permits us to do what has to be done, regardless of the fact there are few choices that can be made. It is often the lesser of two evils we have to choose, a choice that can often lay bear our darker side. But the lesson and the experience of those choices are what Nauhiz is all about.