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Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Just For Fun - England Vs Belgium

And so we come to England's final group game against Belgium. The Light of Truth Oracle have proven to be accurate in both the 2 v 1 victory against Tunisia and the 6 v 1 victory against Panama with both results being shown clearly in the gematria numbers along the bottom of the cards. In the Panama result it was only human intuition that got it wrong, despite all the signs being on the cards!

So, what is this score going to be? Possible (Realistic) scores are:

England 0 v 0 Belgium
England 2 v 2 Belgium
England 2 v 0 Belgium
England 0 v 2 Belgium

The symbology of Infinity suggests a draw as does the symbology of Duality (And the name). But Duality also implies a 2 v 0 and 9pts for either team. So this is a hard call.

Intuition goes for a 2 v 2 draw with the winner of the group being drawn by lots? Perhaps its Belgium who win the group and England 2nd? Its a very close call as the cards suggest.