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Thursday, 21 June 2018

The Law Of Opposition Or Reflection

Having regular high degrees of energies generated by vices directed at you, can be an overwhelming thing. Especially if your naivety prevents you from thinking of that possibility. But, because of the basic Law of Opposition or Reflection on this earth plane. you can judge how strong your own virtue/vice energetics are by way of what is directed back at you. Simply because all opposing energies are actually in perfect harmony ... this is a realm of reflection after all.

So, if you set your stall to be a genuine 'light worker' and you work with overtly positive energy, you must be prepared for an opposing force - a negative energy - thrown at you by those who freely work with vice energies - hatred, jealousy, envy, greed, deceit etc.  It is perfect evidence of the Law of Reflection being in place.

It is recommended to continue generating the positive ... and keep it up. Should you fight fire with fire and begin generating your own vice energies then you are more than likely going to become overwhelmed with negative energies. That's when the intended the psychological or physical damage, sent forth by black vice hexes, will take effect.

By remaining positive, it is possible to be more positive than the negative. When this takes place it is possible to absorb the negative and neutralise it. This has the effect of actually exhausting the opposition who are sending forth their vice energy to you!