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Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Being Human From Time To Time

I've been very 'earthly mundane' over the last few days, watching the football World Cup - because I can. It's been novelty value for me ... and I truly believe it is important to remember we are linked to a 'human form' and our first priority as observers is to understand the experiences of that human form. Without getting too carried away. Without forgetting the perspective we are looking at these experiences.

We are outside looking through the inside. We are not within the human form. We are an observing consciousness watching a mind field in which the human A.I lives its virtual life.

Forget that perspective at your peril! Its hard to establish that level of self awareness with all the distractions out there. Its easy to go with the teachings since birth; even easier to listen to the majority of the sheep who bleat out the same New Ade garbage. Its hard to listen to your own voice that goes totally against the bulk of human belief systems. I wonder how many of the beliefs of the hidden hands, and the secret ones, match the same realisation as myself?

But I do enjoy letting my perspective have a rest from time to time and having time to be a human for a little while. Football is one of my human things as well as photography and being involved with A Light in the Darkness. So yes, there's been some good games of football and some very poor games. The World Cup is not even half way through yet .... so a way to go.