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Sunday, 24 June 2018

A Warning About The Sidhe

They appear how they want us to see them. They have been on this planet far longer than any human race. They are seemingly invisible, mysterious, reluctant to be seen by human eyes. To be lulled into them being benevolent to mankind would be a BIG mistake. To see them as a romantic 'guide' or 'contactee in meditation' could have fatal consequences. They exist beyond a veil between their 'world' and ours; a veil which they can travel through at certain doorways around the world.

We appear to have been brought to this planet in ages past by forces that knew these predators existed here. A design that suits the agenda of another universal force. In myths, The Sidhe, are linked with romantic notions and wondrous thoughts, when in truth they are a dangerous force to be reckoned with. Tales of lost time and becoming lost in the 'faerie realms' are sadly true, truths hidden in mythical tales and legends. The Sidhe are a danger, a threat. The world beneath our feet, and beyond these hidden doorways, is a dangerous place. There are 4.5 MILLION missing people unaccounted for ... who just disappear into thin air. That is a scary number to be lost ...

The Sidhe are dangerous, devious, and have their own agenda. They lurk always out of human sight, but are waiting to creep up unawares. Feeding off human fears - working with human minds convincing those who meet them in close quarters, they are not what they appear to be. Appearing to mislead human kind away from their true selves; convincing the many who choose to fall for their lies; they are saviours to mankind; they are higher beings. When in truth they are parasites and malevolent beings trapped on this world. This is a prison world to them. The Sidhe are not allies to mankind.