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Thursday, 21 June 2018

Let Symphony Syndicate Your Posts To Your Social Media Pages

For those of you (Like us) who are looking to have your blog posts automatically sent to your social media pages, then Symphony Tools is a must.

Its relatively easy to set up your blog site to be syndicated with your social media pages (We were familiar with the set up arrangement because of our time on Symphony's predecessor which had closed its doors earlier this month.)

Symphony is about the best platform to undertake this task out there. We had looked around, and tried others, but they fell by the way side when compared with what Symphony has to offer. We admit that we felt we'd had our hand forced when the door had been closed on the previous app undertaking this process for us, and there really wasn't any other choice but to start using Symphony.

But we're here now, and we cannot be happier with the service; even though we only use the most basic of functions. We write a post on A Light In The Darkness and it is instantaneously published to 2no Facebook accounts and a Twitter account. It is what we want from Symphony and it carries it out with no fuss.

We notice there are functions to schedule posts for publishing, which is a surplus to requirements function, as we already does this here on Blogger with their scheduling facility. We would imagine other blogger sites have the same options.

There is a useful tab 'Analytics' which gives a run down on 'no of likes'; 'no of clicks', 'no of views' and 'comments' that each individual post that Symphony has fired off around social media pages. This is a better option than the poor equivalent on Blogger. It's great for those who need to know this kind of information.

There is also a handy 'Inbox' tab which picks up any messages relating to your posts on the social media pages which have been syndicated. We've only just starting using this facility, as we are still finding our way around Symphony. But in truth it will be very useful for those of you who wish to interact with people on your social media pages. We would if we have the time, but its not a priority at the moment.

Sadly, Symphony, isn't a free service. It does offer a FREE MONTH TRIAL but outside of that it is a monthly subscription service. Which is fair, as the boys and girls at Symphony have their server to pay for, as well as the maintenance and the upgrades. It is somewhat compatible in price with other platforms that can offer a similar service. But in truth, we have found it to be a perfect solution to our own needs.

We suggest, if you need to post items on to your Social Media pages on a regular basis, that your give it a try!  To find out more, visit Symphony Tools>>>...