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Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Tonight's Name & Shame - UK's Virgin Media Broadband

We've been having regular speed problems with VIRGIN MEDIA BROADBAND since we had it installed around a year ago. We still have a year left on our 2 year contract with them.

The broadband supply at this moment is TORTOISE SLOW ... and it is clearly NOT our end; our laptop; our modem; our power supply; the position of the modem. Our 'HQ' is located on the 1st floor of our property, and is connected via a booster - the type you connect through your power point ... ok it relies on the copper wiring for the signal. But for the last two weeks its been reasonably fast; very fast; slow and now very very slow again.

It is clearly the Virgin Media end! So its name and shame for such a shambolic service that goes fast/slow/super slow/fast/ok/slow/super slow/fast without warning. We've got everything set up right as per their service engineer's advice. Our line is set up and configured correctly. So it's not us!

Our last name and shame about a product was naff KFC food at a local KFC fast food premise and we put it on Twitter. We got noticed about our complaint. Its time to do the same about Virgin Media too ...