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Sunday, 15 September 2019

Reframing Your Narrative About Challenging Relationships

[Daily Om]: At some point, everyone experiences a challenging relationship, whether it's with a relative, boss, partner, friend, or colleague. Consciously or not, we all have a story we tell ourselves about that relationship. A familiar refrain is "This person makes me miserable. If only he/she would change."

While the feelings and the wish are understandable, such a narrative usually leaves us feeling resentful, powerless, and victimized. Often, we carry these emotions into our interactions, reacting with anger or avoidance, which can perpetuate the problematic dynamic.

The trouble with becoming stuck in one limiting story is that we fail to recognize the more inspiring narratives that could liberate us if we could only embrace them. That is the power of reframing one's narrative - being able to step out and view all the possible scenarios from an elevated perspective.

After all, we are constantly sifting through several competing narratives to make sense of our world for ourselves and others. Whether we consider ourselves heroic figures overcoming obstacles or victims of circumstance depends on how we choose to read the text of our lives. For example, seeing a challenging relationship as an opportunity to embrace self-love, practice assertiveness, or heal childhood wounds will make us feel a whole lot better than presenting it as evidence of worthlessness or more>>>...

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