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Friday, 20 September 2019

Today's 'Sync Sun'

To the uninitiated, this photograph of the local sun will not appear unusual. In fact, to these largely ignorant individuals, any mention that this is anything but the normal appearance of the sun, will leave them somewhat bemused or belittling.

The fact is, this is NOT how the sun used to appear in photographs. It is too white - too much blue light as if it was an LED spotlight or an array of LED spot lights. It is the wrong shape ...

We suggest these pondering, disbelieving individuals research the patented ARTIFICIAL SUN ARRAY, and compare its shape to what is in this photo.

So, these folk will ask, why is it up there? Why is it concealing the local sun? Well ... you need to research, while you can before it disappears from search engines (Or on here), The Crossing ... Wormwood ... Planet X ... Nibiru. As it appears this very planetary system is in orbit around the earth and the local sun. There are panic stricken attempts to conceal this fact. For if that is proven to be real, it means that the inhabitants (Nibiruans, Anunnaki) may have returned, and they want their world back as Nibiru is possibly uninhabitable by now.

This is possibly what all the A.I and human genocide is all about. But THEY don't want us to know that  

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