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Saturday, 24 November 2007

Sigil Of Protection

Sigil Of Protection
Original Artwork by Matthew James

During those very rare times when an unwanted entity or energy has latched on to me, and cannot be either dissolved, absorbed or persuaded to leave ... when that entity has remained around me for several days ....

I will undertake a very potent working of protection which includes the use of the Sigil Of Protection above. The working involves the visualisation & projection of awareness into a space of safety and sanctuary represented as the light within the above artwork.

The artwork portrays a sacred space protected by prayer, by pentragram, by a boundary of blue energy over which no energy can cross. To further ensure sanctuary ... the sacred space is then surrounded by a protecting cocoon of white light ... and the merkabah visualised as being cast deep into the realms of light where no malevolence can follow without becoming part of that light itself ....

The working is an extremely effective visualisation of protection ...

Fortunately I have rarely to call up this potent and fail safe form of 'psychic protection'