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Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Babylonian Stargate Theory

Nimrod, the King of ancient Babylon is said to have been a giant.....a NEPHILIM. These people were said to have entered this World through a portal or stargate. This portal or stargate is said to still be in place there at the site of ancient Babylon. The satan worshipping "New World Order" crowd is said to have knowledge of this information.

This is supposed to be one of the chief hidden reasons for the invasion of Iraq; to get to and take control of this area and the stargate there, ahead of the Russian's, who is said to also have this information. The NWO wants control of this stargate, because they expect a new latter day invasion of this Earth again by Nephilim forces through this stargate.The NWO seeks control of this portal in order to help this scenario to occur. Of which it's expected to happen in these latter days. This is the reason for the heavy U.S. military guard force.

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