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Wednesday, 17 July 2013

A Look at The Shadow Self

Streams Of Light: The shadow self is what sabotages our relationships, jobs, it denies our spirit, keeps us from realizing our destiny and dreams. It is what we sweep under the rug. It gets buried and repressed into our deep unconscious self. The shadow is what we don't want to be. It seems so horrible and grotesque feeding into our greatest fear that someone might discover our dark shameful secret --- further repressing it. Hiding what's inside gives it power, because we don't have the power to chose --- we just react. It is the voice that says we are unloved, undeserving, unworthy, keeping us from what we want or desire. It shows itself through our projection of judgements on others. What we don't own about ourselves we project onto other people. It is the only way to get our attention. terrified of discover the ego disowns it and uses the tool of judgement to protect itself --- but only prevents self realization. When you don't own an aspect of your life --- it runs your life.

Imagine that your body has electrical outlets all through it. Each outlet represents a different quality. The qualities we acknowledge and embrace have childproof covers over them. They are safe because there is no way to plug into them. But the qualities we don't own have an electrical charge. So when someone comes along with the qualities of that outlet --- they just plug right on into us. The jolt in voltage is a signal to arm for confrontation. So what we deny, resent, reject, or project ---we magnetize right to us. We are pathological liars when it comes to looking at our internal feelings. Since we can't find the offending quality within then the only way we can see that qualities is in others. So if you feel uncomfortable to express your anger, you are going to attract a whole lot of angry people in your life, to do it for you!

Other people mirror back our hidden emotions and feelings. Owning to manifest your full potential you have to claim the parts of yourself that you denied, hidden or given away to others to act out for you. If you keep attracting people with similar qualities or traits in your life it is to show you what aspects you are disowning in yourself. This gives us an opportunity to recognize them and reclaim them.

The pain of our perceived flaws compels us to cover them up. We often over compensate by being the opposite. What we don't want to face often is the drive and motivation to do something more>>>...