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Wednesday, 17 July 2013

First test of Magical Initiation: Working With The Ego

'And it said when the Golden Man descends into someone's life, that all around him people will provide information that shall suit the Golden Man's agenda. The neophyte, none the wiser, accepts the enchantment without a word, and is then lost to the world of man for a year and a day.'

Despite the protestations of all around him, the neophyte will contest his claims for it is what is all around him. But what the Golden Man speaks is pure illusion from the realm of the Astral ... the sphere of Yesod ... for within that realm is contained all things that has been and will be. The Golden Man merely provides the neophyte a cloak ... we have all been all these many things.

Down through the ages all Neophytes first grapple with the illusion of importance and identity as they seek to recognise the identity of their soul. - copyright Matthew James 1994