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Thursday, 18 July 2013

The Origin Of The Tarot

When dealing with the origins of the Tarot ... we most certainly need to focus on early dynasty Egypt and their acknowledgement of their ancient gods. Each 'gods' life was a revelation and seen as a path to enlightenment. Therefore in the early dynasty they devoted themselves to living the life or the 'blueprint' represented by their ancient gods. They acknowledged their gods once were mortal and walked the earth ....

Therefore they devoted themselves to 'living the life of Ra' or 'being as Osiris' etc. 
This meant they lived that life as if they were that ancient god. It did not mean they WERE that god, it meant they devoted themselves to that experience.

This the foundation of the Tarot ... and also the misconception created when people tap into their Egyptian lives ... for one who walked the life of Osiris was known as an 'Incarnate of Osiris' ... one who walked the path of Ra was known as an 'Incarnate of Ra' ... it did not mean they were RA or OSIRIS. It meant they had an incarnation dedicated to that particular God