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Thursday, 4 July 2013

'Hot Wiring Your Imagination'

Indeed your ‘imagination’ can still be fired and hot wired, and can be attuned to the frequencies of these realms. Within these pages of the chronicles, ancient places will be described to you, and the words will have the potential to hot wire your imagination and provide portals to these realms. That ability remains intact.

For some reason the ransacking agency chose to leave these faculties still active within your antenna. I cannot surmise the reasoning for this; if they had suppressed these connections, they would have achieved full separateness.

I sense here the need to observe and monitor these responses was part of its intention; its desire to experience as you very apparent. No matter …

There are ancient traits still active within the crystalline antenna. The ability to transmit and receive direct thoughts has still been activated. You still possess the telepathic direct thought faculty that was so predominant in the ancient of days.

Consciousness communicates with consciousness without spoken words
Mind to mind; soul to soul
A trait seemingly lost within human kind
But a faculty very much still active in the DNA
Communications are still passed from mind to mind in the modern day
The transmitters and receivers within the antenna are stll activated 

And realise, in the ancient of days, we never spoke with oral words. We had no language, at first, as we were one consciousness … we shared thoughts and feelings and emotions. There was no need for oral conversation. We shared our thoughts between minds. It was only when separateness was craved by guilty minds, who wished to hide their intentions from us, that language and speech was manifested. It was only when those who turned away from the One … that they devised language and plunged our world into one of separated thinking … and selfish deeds

Extract taken from THE CHRONICLES OF EZRA - copyright Mathew James