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Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Woman captures photo of "ghost" stalking her baby, and it's stumping internet detectives

S.O.T.T: An eerie photograph of a baby-stalking ghost is sending chills down Redditors' spines, and even the most seasoned armchair detectives are having a hard time explaining the image. The strange image, which was posted early yesterday evening by a user with the screen name "Rickie On Radio", was posted to Reddit with title, "My auntie has just taken a picture of her son after his bath. They were the only two people in the house at the time." Rickie added that "a strange figure with a weird shaped hand has appeared in the background" baffling his family and scaring his Aunt. The photograph doesn't appear very weird on first glance, showing what appears to be the oddly proportioned arms of a person standing in the background of the photo. Honestly, it just looks like there's a person reaching for the child in a poorly-timed photograph.. nothing very spooky. However, there isn't enough space in the room for anyone to be standing there in the first place. According to Ricky, there was absolutely no one else in the room when the photo was snapped, and he ruled out reflections as well, telling readers that there's no mirror in the more>>>...