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Wednesday, 3 July 2013

'Words Of Warning'

"They do this by feeding the foolhardy and the unwary from the fruits of the Golden Man. They tempt the ego; they feed the ego; they luxuriate the ego with feelings of it being important, special and unique. They create theologies that turn ego against ego … and create more chaos.

Our words of warning could not come too soon … for in the world, at large, are myriads of identical clones … all lost to the delusions they have been made to believe are ‘the path to self awareness’ … it is anything but self awareness. It is separateness and ‘divide and rule’ in yet another form

But, because these ‘insights’ and these ‘beliefs’ have now been made the norm … it would be you who would be seen as the delusional one if you were to decry those insights as untruths. Those ‘fashion accessories’ sadly now come with that road … and the Cult of Belial have so craftily made it so.

You are surrounded by so many of these clones … sadly, the ‘army of the false ego’ is being drafted and instructed and sent out to do its worst. There is nothing much you can do … most certain is the fact it is a deliberate act of sabotage which was systematically planned by agents of darkness."

Extract taken from THE CHRONICLES OF EZRA - copyright Matthew James