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Wednesday, 28 August 2013

A Fresh Look ... at the disappearance of Madeleine McCann

It has become apparent that the '357 mystery' has faded into obscurity. Its only a rare occurrence these days for the world's tabloids to feature stories on the disappearance of Madeleine McCann. It is VERY sad and extremely frustrating for so many people out there ... 

Truthful information has been so hard to come by - if at all - due to the apparent deliberate actions of the media spin doctors to hide any actual information from the general public. 

However the awful situation cannot be forgotten that easily. It affects the human psyche and collective not to have closure on a matter. Especially one that became so much a part of everyday life for so many throughout mid 2007 onwards. The matter deserves therefore another viewing, a fresh look ... for those unaware, A Light In The Darkness received a great deal of attention during this period for daring to feature Daily Merlin Insights on the Madeleine McCann Mystery. It received adoration and ridicule from various quarters of the populace. However, that really didn't matter, as the most important thing was that where it really mattered, the attempts to locate Madeleine were truly appreciated. Numerous contacts with these persons confirmed the nail was very much being hit on the head ...

But that was then, and this is now. The Light In The Truth Oracle cards are a way of having a fresh look at this mystery ...

Here goes ... 


Clearly nothing has really changed! The same forces that drove the mystery deep into a secret agenda rabbit hole seem to still be controlling this the mystery. No progression in the story, the same wheel going round and round. On the surface, no traces remain ... the child is still missing and nothing has been resolved. On the face of it maybe ... but SO much HAS taken place since ... and continues to occur. The apparent abduction and the implication of pedophiles sparked codenames to smoke out certain places. Link the two situations together and you see perhaps the trojan horse. Something carefully created to act as a smokescreen .. ?? The story which was driven so readily into our homes via the TV appears to have been accepted so easily, despite all the loopholes and the inconsistencies. 

That's very well and good ... but where is Madeleine and what has become of her? Intuitively the answer appears like a stationery vehicle that never actually went anywhere. The story implied she was missing and so we all accepted and believed that was her plight. But what happens if she didn't go anywhere ??? We assume the facts of the story are as The Media pan them out ... we accept that as the truth. But what if it was a fabrication? All of our attention was fixed on the point and the journey created by the Media, so much so we will not have seen what was plane before our eyes. Controversially it may well be that Madeleine is very much alive and well. Was always very much alive and well. The McCanns may have been the victims of a huge blackmail or force of hand - IF they didn't comply then she would be harmed? The clues are everywhere if you look close enough. Someone went to great pains to pick Madeleine as the flagship for all that was created. Her parents were genuinely upset ... but we assume it is because their daughter was missing. But what happens if they were upset by what would happen to her if they didn't do what they were instructed to do? What if the arrest of Kate and the subsequent 'blood on the walls and in the car' deceptions were a way of warning them that they could be implicated if they didn't comply with the top dog's rules ... catch my drift? The family members involved will have to be sworn to silence ... one leak of the truth would seriously risk Madeleine's safety. 

Madeleine may well have been a hostage somewhere. Kept in a safe house. Brought out occasionally to appear in strategic media snaps (Morocco and Belgium WERE Madeleine McCann) ... to keep the abduction story alive. 'Actors' employed to provide witness statements that would keep the story going ... all of it the smokescreen to permit the trojan horse to evolve and kick into gear. See what is being implied here?

Where is she now?
What is the trojan horse?
When will it end?

These are the questions that need to be answered, I suppose, but then again I remember the very early days of the Daily Merlins ... and the declaration that Madeleine had been taken on a holiday. I remember the regular assertions she was safe and well. I remember the work I undertook as a remote viewer with 'undercover agencies' that confirmed I was on track with her location. I remember the admissions by certain people that confirmed I was very much correct in my assumptions as to how and why. I remember also the interest in me, my blog and what I was saying by 'serious agencies' that I tracked with my site meter. High places and scary places followed me on a daily basis. I had got it right. I still have it right I glean. And yes I am looking again!. ... copyright Matthew James