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Wednesday, 21 August 2013

The Approaching Timeline Split

Augureye: The time has arrived to disengage from consensus reality, because the only place it can take us now is deeper into the matrix, deeper into the reality of perpetual warfare, GMO foods, and a planet wide police state. Of course, there will be a great many who are not yet spiritually ready to depart from such a reality, and so, it shall continue to exist for them, and anyone else who cannot, or will not free their mind of these negative addictions. For those who tire of this mundane wasteland controlled by psychopaths, the way out is clearly marked. All you need do is to raise your vibration & keep it there, and to do that will require the dissolving of your attachments to this place. One of the first attachments we need to dump is the need to be right. This "need" has been programmed into us relentlessly since early childhood, and if it ever served a positive purpose, that time is now over. The need to be right is connected to our desire to be accepted within our community, and our inherent fear of being seen as inferior, thru being wrong. This is why so many people react emotionally and negatively when something they say is challenged by another: they take it as a personal affront or attack, and react accordingly, which seldom does anything to further the case for more>>>...