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Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Totem Animals: Mountain Lion

Spirit Symbols: The symbolism of Mountain Lion is leadership.strength, courage, integrity and power; using powerful short energy bursts is also words that could be used to describe this animal. Mountain Lion doesn't have to lead through force but rather, through a graceful strength of example. If you have seen a Mountain Lion or have the symbolism of the Mountain Lion come into your awareness then a message of leadership is being brought to you. The question would be: is this cat asking you to become a leader through a living example or is the message to find your physical strength and courage to gracefully push-forward on some task or responsibility you have? Or to recognize the leadership is someone else and honor it? Possibly all the above! Maybe you are a parent to young children who look to you as an example and you are being asked to recognize this responsibility you have so you can find your strength to carry on, even when you are tired? This is just one example out of many possibilities Having this responsibility of a leader is never easy. It takes courage and strength to push forward, even when you are tired and burnt out, doing what you know is right. Are you using your power in a kind balanced way, or forcing your rules on others through dictatorship? ... Read More>>>...