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Sunday, 21 February 2016

A Bad Psychic Who Calls Others For Being Unscrupulous When They Are That Themselves.

The decision to make this post was not an easy one. Much deliberation preceded these words. Careful consideration, because after all there will be an effect. For in truth not a post created by action but more one brought into existence as a reaction. A reaction to a rather unprofessional and shameful act undertaken by a fellow local 'psychic' who had recently written a series of unprecedented rants on social media about their so called squeaky clean and spiritually ethical actions and behaviour. An apparent 'victim' of a psychic industry which had been found as being full of egotistical, fame seeking and uncaring ghouls. Their stance suggested a wonderfully caring human being who was very spiritually advanced and a seeming innocent victim amid a psychic industry filled with unscrupulous fame seeking criminals. 

So imagine the reaction when this 'psychic medium' had been found to exhibit unprofessional and unscrupulous behaviour themselves?

The venue was a local supermarket - Foodbarn at Wanniassa. The crime was the removal of professional business cards from an advertising board, Replacing them with business cards of their own. Seemingly an innocuous crime you would say. However, the said removed business cards had not been totally successfully removed from sight. Below the outside rubbish bin, face down on the concrete was a solitary business card. The others deposited in the outside rubbish bin.

Shame on you! Your unscrupulous deed, however minor to some, has been discovered. How dare you portray yourself as completely professional and separate from the psychics in the industry when YOU carry out unprofessional deeds yourself. It is not the FIRST time you have cleared rival business cards from notice boards. 

Ask yourself this about this so called squeaky clean psychic. Does someone who claims no desire for fame and fortune copy another psychic like a shadow ... creating a blog, becomes a blog radio broadcaster, have magnetic card adverts made, have brand new promo photographs undertaken, get themselves in newspapers?  Does someone who wants to remain genuine and spiritual, and who wishes to remain anonymous, strut a plastic trophy and make full use of a Psychic Association award that ONLY THEY CAN WIN because nobody in their state is eligible to win it that year? 

Sorry but you've been busted. You are exposed as a fame seeking, jealous and seriously troubled individual.We have withheld the name of this personality .. but anyone wishing to learn more can send us an e-mail ...