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Thursday, 25 February 2016

Is the world really warming up? Planet may be no hotter at the end of the century than it is now, claims controversial report

Daily Mail: Global warming is unlikely to take hold before the end of the century according to a controversial new statistical study. The report, published by the think-tank the Global Warming Policy Foundation, claims that while winters are likely to be slightly warmer, there will be no change in the summer.

Using statistical forecasting methods, the report, written a statistician at Loughborough University, contradicts predictions made by climate more>>>...

:Global Warming" = A Problem-Reaction-Solution mechanism designed to ensnare mankind into giving its freedom away. The Global Warming hoax is based on doctored and adjusted documentation that has become mainstream 'data fact' that is being used to support global warming. The true data shows a story totally different to what we are being force fed. 

Global Warming = Highway 1 to human depopulation on this planet. The claim is we are over-populated and putting too much strain on Mother earth.