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Friday, 19 February 2016

A Word On The Famous Eye

It certainly was not what it appeared to be. The cloud making machine which is the media totally concealed the trail, and continue to do so. Unless you were around on A Light In The Darkness when it was happening, you will not understand what we are talking about. But it is a proven fact that we were able to look over the wall, somehow, and see what was going on. We had it confirmed to a certain degree. We had official connections and provided our help. But what is it all about ... back then our research and our psychic insights were examined and taken as real steps in the sand. That which was written on here was cryptic and hidden. That which was provided to an investigation team did bear fruit and did carry weight. We established a rouse and a smokescreen. Behind that smokescreen we gazed at a missing boat, a private beach and the rehearsed 'abduction'. We found that the inhabitants of a vehicle were known to the famous eye. It was indeed something that appeared to go wrong. But it was not what was created for the media circus. We can say that with certainty.

This is the first dialogue on this matter for quite some time. It is necessary to relate this insight as the two old dears are talking again. We can see above the wall of silence and can perceive something of great importance. Something beyond the prying eyes of the general public. Those on that field are of great influence. Much more than just politicians and the chosen fodder we see in government and public places. The rank and the hierarchy here go down the rabbit hole. They ... are the unseen, the unknown, the hidden influence. They debate the next stepping stone in this tale. The end stone is the safe return. That is all we will say. Suffice to say we deduce who was the taker, and why. We sense where the eye was taken to. That the eye was never in any real harm. Family protects family they say. It is true here too ....MJ