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Friday, 12 February 2016

Do you want to believe? Mother snaps pics of 'UFO' over the Severn as she took her children for a walk along the promenade

Daily Mail: This appearance could be one for Mulder and Scully! A woman has spotted what could be a UFO while she was walking her children. Fiona Powell, 41, from Bristol, was walking her children with friends along the promenade on Severn Beach, Bristol, when she took a photo of their surroundings. But on closer inspection, the corner of one of the photos contained what appeared to be a flying saucer.

She said that before the incident she had been slightly dubious about the existence of extra-terrestrials, but that this close encounter was now giving her pause for thought. Fiona, who took the photo on 9 February, said: 'I'm undecided whether I believe in aliens or not, but this photo certainly meets the criteria of a UFO.

'After I had taken the photo, my friend zoomed in and it looked even more like a UFO. I have shown the photo to a few sensible friends and they all think it is incredible.' more>>>...