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Thursday, 10 May 2018

Moving With The Changes

Due to the ever improving Google Search algorithms, amongst others, we've endeavoured to keep up with the times, and have updated the Blog Description, and post search information, here on A Light In The Darkness.

Original Artwork by Matthew JamesOur Blog Description now reads "Welcome to this realm of the mysterious; the occult; the paranormal and the supernatural. Here is where you can explore a whole manner of strange and magical subject matters. Enter this realm with an open mind. The world is a strange place ..... it is my intention to subject you to ideas and insights you may not have encountered before ..."

Which we hope is in keeping with the ever changing face of A Light In The Darkness which began in November 2006 as a personal library of occult articles, for Matthew James, and has now become what it is today ...

We are grateful for you, and all the other visitors we have ... and hope that you continue to enjoy experiencing A Light In The Darkness. We ask that you spread the word, and encourage friends, colleagues and family to also visit us. Many thanks.