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Thursday, 10 May 2018

The Now Observer

So its really important to realise that life is always moving; things only appear to stay the same - but they don't. We exist in the now and are always in that vantage point. That fact never changes.

The Now Observer by Matthew JamesBut, as human beings, most of us live with our minds in the past. We are that concentrated on what happened, what might have happened, and what should have happened, that we arrive in our future without realising how we got there. That's the future in the now perspective when compared from where we were which had become the past.

I'm writing this in my now, for you who are in my future as I write...and when you get to read this you'll be reading something from the past. That's a common perspective for all of us. Our now perspective is like a needle that goes along the grooves in an old 33RPM record. It is a pathway that obviously leads us from our first breath to our last breath. Our life story is nothing but a constant now ... and observation of events in a constantly changing 'world'.

And our past, unless you have a perfect memory, is something that becomes hazy very quickly. Think back to this morning when you first woke up. How clear are those memories? Can you recall your lunch yesterday? Or your evening meal on Monday? Its likely these events have now faded as your mind field has filed those moments away ... we constantly observe life as a now observer, remembering only memories that have a strong emotion, or a strong meaning to them ... then we do nothing but recall them ...and recall them ... and replay them constantly. But to what end? Sadly nothing about them can be changed, not when they are the past being remembered from the now perspective.

We are best taking each day as it comes, letting the now observer tackle the adventures in the best way it can ... letting that needle move the now platform to wherever it is meant to go ... created by our reactions to the perceptions that write our sub-conscious. And then when that moment of the last breath arrives ... we then enter a state of mind that supercedes the now from the observer#s perspective ... and only then will everything be recalled simultaneously .... but that is another story. One that we can offer some insight into. having been a survivor of an actual death experience, albeit for only a few minutes ....