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Sunday, 14 April 2019

5G EMR Genocide - The Bleak And Scary Truth. Is This The End Of Mankind?

This biosphere we know as The Earth is facing an extremely difficult future with the PSYCHOPATHS, that believe they have a right to make the decisions that affect ALL the lifeforms that inhabit The Earth, pushing for the event horizon they are doing.

When these greedy, remorseless, conscienceless, mentally insane 'creatures' (Let's face it they can't be the same race of human as us) fully role out their 5G weaponry that they KNOWINGLY comprehend will wipe out billions of human lives and also a fatally extensive part of biological life on The Earth, what then?

They will be responsible, possibly, for the most evil and malevolent act of genocide this planet will ever have known. Unless of course, in the millions of years this planet has existed, they've done it all before. This could merely be a repeating pattern, like an algorithm in the software program, to wipe out one artificial life form (Our forms are artificial intelligence, which has been described as biological when it is synthetic and manufactured) to give way for a new one.

These malevolent beings we call The Elite, most certainly KNOW what 5G is going to do to us all. This is why they are pushing so hard for it. There is now extensive opposition around the world as people are waking up to the horror that is about to descend.

An earlier post on here, described trees which were between two 5G towers in Marseille. The area of the tree where the 5G pulsed through had totally dead leaves; the part of the tree above and below the area where the 5G pulsed still displayed healthy leaves. That is EXTREMELY FRIGHTENING. It should be headline news and evidence that proves 5G will be DEADLY to humans and life on Planet Earth. But it won't!

Those who are pushing for 5G will sadly get there own way. We are about to become VERY ILL. Living in an atmosphere that is deadly. We are going to have so many symptoms it will be unbelievable. I wonder WHAT they will make up as a medical condition to try and hide it all. The mortality rate is going to rise crazily; cancer and heart conditions will rise; sudden deaths; skin issues; eye issues; headaches; crazy buzzing noises in the head and hot spots inside the brain.

There will be no peace from 5G especially when the thousands of satellites will be irradiating the entire world. Unless of course deep caves can provide a safe zone? Underground tunnels below cities and towns? Drainage systems? I bet they've thought about that. You watch there will be confinement fences and public right of way denied to beauty spots where there are caves, or no 5G satellite activity.

Let's face it. Those malevolent bastards want us ALL dead. Except for a chosen few they will turn into A.I/Human hybrid slaves. How come we are letting them do this to us? When it becomes evident that 5G is the killer so many are talking about ... what will those addicted to the new technology do? Will they continue with their wonderful technology or will they realise the trojan horse they they play with?

We are in an extremely scary predicament .... one that cannot be prevented very easily. The evil creatures at the top of the human pile; those obsessed with megalomania and self-importance, who truly believe, because they are ultra rich and demonically possessed,   that they can wipe mankind out ... need to be stopped. Somehow. Their demonic masters are only using these naive and mentally retarded humans. When it all kicks off big style, they too will be assimilated into whatever future these crazy non-human beings have planned.

It really isn't the greatest future ahead for mankind on this dimension. Remember though, its only on this dimension of earth; which may well be a copy of the original anyway. Things may look bleak ... but it's only a physical experience within a virtual reality that is somehow a training program. It doesn't lessen the shock of what is unfolding. But it puts it into a much bigger perspective. Somehow mankind will evolve through this. Into what I just don't know. 

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