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Monday, 29 April 2019

The Brave New World - Not The One We Planned But The One We Are Forced To Think Ourselves Into

There is most certainly no easy answer, or immediate solution to the 'apparent' dilemma facing the human race; this vibration of the virtual reality software program seems to have gone horribly wrong. Some kind of virus is creating havoc within the C.P.U and the anti-creator, some call The Demiurge, is systematically un-creating everything within this reality. 

All of everything we once knew is very quickly becoming something we cannot relate to. DNA antenna appear to have been tampered with, which means the way the perceptions our brain creates have become tarnished as the human body malfunctions. It's certainly now a 'Brave New World' we enter ... and it is not the one that was laid out in our DNA programs to create, even five years ago.

Our human bodies are acting in ways that we have no control over; the disruptions are very subtle, and for most there seems nothing different on a day to day basis. It's what most have become accustomed to. However, if our past selves from five years ago, could have time travelled to now and stepped into our present physical bodies - then our past selves would see the changes referred to here.

We are damaged yes. We are being un-evolved in some way yes; to an agenda written into the C.P.U program? Probably. The algorithms have been changed, for sure. And the human globalists are dancing to that particular tune. Those rather sick expressions of the human collective are hellbent on rolling in the ultimate destruction of mankind and this biosphere. They are clearly in the hands of 'The Demiurge' and there is nothing physically we can do to stop this monsters from wrecking this world and decimating the human race; plus condemn this world to a EMR cloud prison for eternity. It seems.

We all have no choice but go along with the direction their evil leads us. That is on the physical world. 

But, we are multi-dimensional. We exist on other expressions of this virtual earth; we currently still have access to those expressions. The pathways to those realms are still open; as are the pathways to the pre-manifestation realms; the blueprints of what is going to be made physical reality. These realms can, and are accessed, by our selves. It sounds far fetched, but in truth this reality is created by thought forms that are shaped by our collective perceptions. The sick expressions of the human collective have been employing sinister techniques for centuries to bend our perceptions to make the reality their agenda requires. They and The Demiurge CANNOT create anything. It is the creative human expressions that can. That is why they have been bending our will during this time.

Things have somehow gone pear shape in some way for these sick expressions. Something is preventing their victory. Hence the reason all the scaremongering and chaos has been stepped up in 2019 and will continue to get worse for the next few years. This is why they have been filling the minds of the easily impressionable with all the fearful things about this biosphere; they've topped up the conspiracy theories with really scary things. It's all scaremongering; 15% fact with 85% bullshit in a desperate attempt to push for victory.

They may well come close to decimating mankind, but there are enough awakened expressions who will avoid the assimilation and exist outside of the EMR cloud control. The EMR cloud is a sinister plan to capture mankind's minds in a very limited frequency range and dictate what those minds will think within that frequency. That is what the 5G cloud is all about. But stand firm, if you can flex your mind and reach into higher frequencies now, odds on that you will be able to think outside of that limited frequency.

Its all about mind control; and its necessary to ignore the millions of the lost souls who are already mind controlled on those limited frequencies and will never be able to lift their minds outside of that range. They are already being assimilated. Let them freak about A.I take over and climate change and transgenderism and veganism and whatever else is being put out there to mind control mankind.

They are lost and its unfortunate; but that is their fate. It's not for you to worry about. Your own perception and your own fate is more important. If you are one of those lost minds who are precariously within those assimilating frequency ranges, you need to shake off that compelling mind control in order to survive. Its up to you. That will be your choice. It is possible to overcome those compulsions are avoid being stuck within that limited frequency range. There still is time to escape the clutches of that vibrational prison before the EMR cloud is switched on and the nanobots into your physical form turns your body into part of the internet of things.

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