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Wednesday, 24 April 2019

Climate Change Is Junk Science: CO2 levels are only 0.037%; Ms.Thunberg is the Figurehead of the Death Cult!

2019 has become the year where the pack of Hyenas are attacking the herd of sheep and the rafter of stupid turkeys. It appears to be absolute mayhem at the minute, with all the crazy notions, outlandish claims and outright evil acts of violence & terrorism.

There appears to be no order. But there is. Out of chaos always comes creation. And it is the insane globalists that are packing the punches 'because they know the time is short'. There are deadlines to be reached and they might NOT be reaching a threshold on time.

As we've stated before, it's hard to understand why they can't just TAKE and they can't just finish their grand plan of the ages; why has it been stage by stage - rather than a direct acquisition? There clearly is something about this vibrational realm we don't really understand. A process ... the manifestation of human thinking maybe? But they have all the gear and the technology already built, waiting to be used. Yet they still have to introduce it stage by stage.

It's why the Hyenas are baring their teeth and scaring the shit out of the hapless sheep and the stupid turkeys. They seem to be surrounding their prey and walking in tightening circles. But nothing else. Maybe its all a threat, only to become a reality when the human race want it to be ... or ask for it to be. At the moment mankind teeters on the edge of begging for genocide in the name of saving the planet, with the supposed climate change due to man's production of too much CO2 in the atmosphere. BOLLOCKS!

The best name I've seen describing the climate change myth is JUNK SCIENCE because that is exactly what it is. Greenhouse gases are ESSENTIAL to prevent the earth getting too cool and slipping into an ice age! CO2 is NOT the major constituent of greenhouse gases. CO2 is present at an extraordinary level of 0.037%!! Yes, read that again CO2 accounts for only 0.037% of greenhouse gases. It is essential to life and yet been described a pollutant! Mankind contributes about 6% of that figure so that's 6% of 0.037% .... hardly anything at all. Yet, the globalists have sold a lie that CO2 levels are dangerously high and causing the earth to go too warm ... predicting the end of the line in 3 years. BOLLOCKS!!!

So if CO2 accounts for 0.037% of greenhouse gases, what are the other constituents you might ask? What I'm providing is not junk science, it is from a Geography class book I wrote in the 1980's ... and is a record of what we discussed back then ... Methane accounts for even less of the greenhouse gases as does NO2 (Nitrous Oxide). But the main constituent by far at a staggering 96.5% is WATER VAPOUR. Yes, water vapour is the biggest constituent of greenhouse gases.

The whole climate warming theory is a total scam. A money making scheme by the Globalists ... and now an excuse to wipe mankind out to save the planet. Mankind was down for extermination by the Anunnaki in ages past so the story goes so it is nothing new.

The climate is not static, there IS change but it is part of a natural warm/cool cycle that the earth goes through.

We have misinformed individuals like the 'delightful' 16 year old Greta Thunberg; funded by George Soros; being put out in the public arena, coming from nowhere, suddenly campaigning to 'save the planet' and create a protest by other misinformed individuals to demand 'something must be done' ... so the Globalists can then run out their solution. 

The Globalists (The Hyenas) masterminded an evil 'problem' with their global warming by man's production of CO2 scam. They got scientists to create junk science and the world then bought the problem; naive folk now truly believe we are on the brink of extermination. We are now with the likes of Greta Thunberg and the Extermination Rebellion screaming at world governments that something has to be done. Exactly the reaction the Globalists were hoping to create. The next stage is for them to suggest something mankind would never have agreed to in the first place - mark my words the globalists are about to hatch the death cult ... the solution to all the world's problem is to reduce the population by 90%. Volunteers anyone ... your sacrifice will help save the planet!

This is why I'm cringing when I see the sinister face of Ms.Thunberg because I see the face of death. I see the figurehead of the Death Cult. I see human mass genocide. Sadly. Unless we refuse to fall for the bollocks!!!

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